Consolation (NL)

Consolation (NL)


The death-grinding legends from NL are back!

Consolation started back in 1989 when a couple of friends from the Zaanse metal scene are being infected with the metal virus. Young dogs with guitars and a drum set. The first tunes played were the sounds of Death/Doom metal. After a name change, a demo and a few line-up changes, the band started to take shape in 1991. Soon the first CD 'Beautyfilth' was released as a split CD by the relatively new label Displeased.

After having successfully destroyed a lot off venues in many countries, the magic somewhat disappeared at the end of the nineties. In the form of 'Cardinal' (furious Death/Grind) and 'FuckFace' (pure Grind) several members successfully continued until the musical paths really split, somewhere around 2003.

However, blood goes where it can't go. In 2019 the band was asked to do a reunion show, if the band is up to it? Not really having lost sight of each other, enthusiastically the boys came together for a first rehearsal after almost twenty years. As never before, the atmosphere and motivation were great and the musicianship even better. Eventually, after the Corona period of almost two years, the first performance took place in 2022 at the Stonehenge festival. A huge success which makes the band decide to continue for a while. The fire has been rekindled and it feels good to be back!!


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