Massgrav (SWE)

Massgrav (SWE)


Swedish rock n’ roll infused hyperspeed hardcore!

Swedish mangel veterans MASSGRAV have been dishing out rock n’ roll infused hyperspeed hardcore for the last 20 years, making them a loved, respected and yes, sometimes feared, part of the international hardcore punk scene. Maturing like French cheese - but smelling much better - Massgrav have consistently kept cranking their take on pissed off but melodic chaos yet another turn towards the max.

After breaking four consecutive drummers, the band settled on a long lasting line-up in 2010 and has since then taken their gospel of breakneck speed anger management to audiences worldwide. Providing a 24 carat live show satisfaction guarantee, Massgrav offers a free head exam to anyone who can resist their on stage charms.

After releasing the much acclaimed 2017 album Stockholm Rockers, Massgrav decided to live by the “more is more” rule and added guitarist Jesper Liveröd (ex Burst and Nasum) to the line-up. With a twin guitar setup, the band is now 100 percent equipped to deliver top quality entertainment on stage, as well as on the upcoming next album, which is currently in the works.


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