First 5 bands and Early Birds for Bloodshed Fest 2023

First 5 bands and Early Birds for Bloodshed Fest 2023

First 5 bands for Bloodshed Fest 2023 are here. Early Birds now on sale!

Bloodshed Fest 2023: first names, new location

We have been teasing on their socials for a while now about a return in 2023. After the 20th edition in 2019, the festival stopped. Now Doomstar Bookings (the original organizers), Maik Reuvers (Pitfest) and Metropool Hengelo are joining forces to bring Bloodshed back to life on April 29 and 30, 2023.

And right now, we launch the first five names: Pig Destroyer (USA), Wolfbrigade (Sweden), Teething (Spain), Adrestia (Sweden) and I Scream Protest! immediately set the tone we always knew from Bloodshed. More and more bands will be announced in the coming weeks, bringing the total to about 30 acts.

We have released a very small number of Early Bird tickets. As soon as these are sold out, regular sales will start!

Place of performance: Metropool, Hengelo. "People are used to Bloodshed taking place in Eindhoven. However, we had to make a well-considered choice, in which the cost/benefit aspect naturally plays a major role. We ended up at Metropool Hengelo, partly because of their enthusiasm and thinking along with our plans," says Maik Reuvers.


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